Born and raised in a tiny village near Brussels, Belgium. Since 2017 relocated to Don Keao, Chiang Mai, Thailand. When I was 16 I moved to Ghent to study fashion and textile design at the Royal School of Arts. Three years into the course I discovered that creating charaters and telling stories was more of my interest than actually making clothes. Dropping out of school I continued the creation of my own cartoonish world that eventually led to the field of fine arts. Fashion always remained, next to music a strong influence on my work till today.

At art school one of the life models, Minouche, started to call me Piepke in class. Piepke seemed her version to address her minion. This was roughly the early 90's. My best friend took it over, little to my annoyance, but I got used to it over time and after leaving school I started to use it as my 'artist' name... Fast worward to 2014 I decided to use the moniker Kiss My Tribe, to work under a label instead of a personal name. Wanting to erase the persona and give pure focus to the characters I created.

Now, today, kissing a tribe seems a thing off the past, unnecesary and perhaps incorrect. Even when all reasons behind it came from a possitive energy. So what else to do now than just use my own name. Hi, I'm Chris Wauters (almost related to John Waters) and from now on I'll sign my work with Ch.Waut.


Group exhibitions

2017 "Renegade Artists' Take Over"- Biscayne Church - Art Basel, Miami

2013 Artop Gallery / Art Contemporain - Saint Tropez

2013 "IconPOP"- at "Play Full" - Midsumma Festival, Melbourne

2013 "IconPOP" - Artop Gallery, Lille

2012 "Street vs Pop Art" - Artop Gallery, Lille

2012 "Neo Intersexualism" - 1000£Bend Gallery, Melbourne

2010 "The Glossy Possy" at "Gay Pop Culture - 69Smith Street Gallery, Melbourne

2010 "The Glossy possy" - Foxx Gallery, Zürich

2009 "SuperWOW" - Cosmic Cavern Gallery, Nyc

2009 "RuPaul's Dragrace" - World of Wonder Storefront Gallery, Los Angeles

2009 "Drag Attack" - La Zone, Liège

2008 "Gazelland" - Steps Gallery, London

2008 "Lights! Camera! Election!" - World of Wonder Storefront Gallery, Los Angeles

2008 "Dail M for Madonna" - World of Wonder Storefront Gallery, Los Angeles

2007 "Merry Titmas" - World of Wonder Storefront Gallery, Los Angeles

2002 "Porn Ar(t)ound the World" - KC Nona, Mechelen

2001 "Dimensio" - Casa Elizalde, Barcelona

2000 "Midwinter Fever" - Pofferd de Nul, Antwerp

1999 "13th Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Brussels

1999 "Moving Souls" - Ghent

1999 "OVERview" - Centre for Young Art, Ghent

1999 "ArtiSHOCK" - Centre for Young Art, Ghent

1998 "What's Your Excuse" - Mekanik Gallery, Antwerp

1997 "Elastik" Club Café D'Anvers, Antwerp

Curated Exhibitions

2001 "Dimesnio" - Casa Elizalde, Barcelona

2001 "Minoush, A Life for Art" - Centre for Young Art, Ghent

Solo Exhibitions

2013 "Glamshock" - m0gelijk Gent, Ghent

2011 "Glamshock Therapy" - Carbon Black Gallery, Melbourne

2010 "Artcore Candy" - La Galerie Provocatrice, Amsterdam

1998 "Artcore" - Studio29 Gallery, London

1998 "Artcore" - ARKL Gallery, Brussels

1997 "Vive la Fuck - Purification Sanchez, Antwerp

Freelance Illustrator (selection)

SOS Records, backdrop visuals Boy George performance at Summer Rites Festival,

My Chiffon is Wet NYC (Flyers + Advertising),"Bacardi & Cola" - Hard Ton, animated music video, "Useless Men" - Minty, animated video, Gazelland Magazine - Cover design, "Pop Couture" - Perfecto Spandex Disco, Illustrations for Gazelland Magazine, Nr1 Magazine, Lube Magazine, Expreszo Magazine, Cassero program folder, Blu Magazine, Winq Magazine, Labels Magazine, Navégre Magazine, ...

"La Page aux Folles" - Monthly cartoon column, The Blitz

Self- published

2013 "Marieclaire, Elle Vogue" - Notebook

2010 "Shoot Your Slut 2" - glossy comic zine, Self published

2009 "Shoot Your Slut 1" - glossy comic zine, Self published


1988 - 1991 Fashion & Textile Design, KASK Ghent

2000 - 2002 Animation, KASK Ghent